Life at Camp

 The best things in life come unexpected. Also known as, the next three months of my life.

This week marks week three of my new camp lifestyle and position. What a ride it has been! Within weeks, my camp experience has been filled with new faces, strangers turned into friends, Chaco tans, facing fears, personal + work challenges, overcoming mountains...literally and figuratively, exploration, long working hours and simple living. I never thought I would be living at a camp as a Digital Media Specialist, but now I wouldn't want it any other way. For all the moments of pure exhaustion, physically, creatively and emotionally, there are more moments of accomplishment, adventure and pure fun.

Our theme at camp this summer is "Defy Gravity"... meaning to overcome the weight of everything that brings us down. Whether that be our circumstances, other individuals, our personal flaws and challenges, we can lighten that load through understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and a little faith. Our hearts may break and trust may be severed, but the true test is how we handle each situation and overcome them. One thing I have quickly learned from arriving at camp was truly dealing with the extra weight in my little heart that I have carried with me. It may have hindered some healing and made facing some personal or professional fears and challenges more difficult. As fast-paced as camp life can be, it actually has slowed down my mind enough to recognize the areas I have neglected in past years and give me some moments of clarity.

This summer I plan to:
explore new territory
give work my best effort
not just meet, but connect with new friends
live a healthier lifestyle - spirit, mind and body
treat myself
go beyond the surface
be the best version of myself
get an awesome Chaco tan
overcome mountains
get a stronger mind and body
have fun
drink more tea and less coffee
put smiles on kid's faces
lend a helping hand
open my heart
keep my mind open
do what I love and love what I do
eat more apples
have more adventures
get rid of the extra weight (figuratively and probably literally, too)
be myself
love myself
love others
challenge myself
accept others
and defy gravity.

I have had a rough time understanding and accepting some challenges I was faced with earlier in the year, but it has lead me to here. Right now. This moment. For that, I am thankful and each day my trust gets stronger for what the universe has in store for me.

Although I have internet access and (some) cell service in my office, my communication with the "outside" world is quite limited. Please be patient as I answer emails, catch up on blog life and find balance in it all. Don't be offended is my response is delayed!

Also, if you want to write to be at camp this summer, email me and I can send you the mailing address.
I'd love to be pen pals :)

Find Me at Poppy The Blog!

Did you know?
I am being featured today over at Poppy The Blog for her Wonderfully Made series. I blogged about how much I loved this blog series and now I get to be a part of it!

Be sure to check out the post over at Kristyn's blog.
Writing the post was a great reminder what a full life of adventure, creation and surprises I have. I should be thankful for every moment of it.

PS - I have been transitioning into my new summer position at a camp doing what I love working with video and photography, therefore, my blog posts have been non-existent. I can't wait to share my camp experiences with everyone and the great people and environment I get to surround myself with everyday.

Cheating on Tuesday Tunes

(yes that's me haha)

Last Friday, I guest posted for Happerly Ever After and since I am in the midst of packing and organizing for my new summer position at a camp, I am cheating this Tuesday Tunes by "recycling" a mix I already made ;) Hope that's okay!

Ali and I have a shared appreciation for a good playlist so it was only fitting I'd make one :) Plus, these are a compilation of my favorite of songs...if you could even choose. They have been my best friend, mentor, passenger and family. Each song has touched my heart deeply and hope it does for the same for you. Go visit her blog and be sure to take a listen! You will get to know me just a little better :)

Like I say, you need nothing more than a good playlist, good company and good intentions.

Have a great weekend!
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Friday Favorites | Week 002

harvest records | asheville, nc
( image by melissa vega)

Welcome to another week of Friday Favorites! This new blog series may or may not be my new favorite posts to write! Actually, spending more time blogging in general has been a nice sigh of relief and creative outlet. This week I am featuring some music, advice from a notable graphic designer/blogger, a little fashion, photography concepts and another blog! Say what?

photo by Hello Suburbia

Lisa, of Hello Suburbia had a beautiful and unique concept of photographing her view from across the table in various locations. It is a view that we are all accustomed to, yet never consciously think about. After her blog post, I can now say I do. I think her series changes perspectives and makes your view of across the table a little more deep and intimate than it used to.


Design Love Fest has been one of my favorite design go-to blogs for quite some time. Bri and her team of influentially creative women also write an advice column and host Blog Shops to help us young creative folk turn our ideas into a tangible product. Her latest advice about coming up with original ideas was extremely helpful! Check out her short and sweet advice about keeping it original in the pixels of recycled ideas.


Everlasting Apparel is a blog series by Hanna created as an alternative to the typical fashion blog. Instead of focusing on the clothes to buy and the new trends to look for, her fashion feature focus on the individual's favorite piece of clothing. This represents getting away from the trend and wearing something meaningful and for a lifetime. This is a new series, but I can't wait to see it catch fire and see it grow. I was actually asked by Hanna to put together a post so hopefully I will have mine up soon :)

I have been anticipating this album release for quite some time now. After Alison and I heard "Step" play in Cafe Helios in downtown Raleigh, I just knew I had to have this album. Although their days of "A-Punk" made Vampire Weekend feel like head-bobbin' and fast paced, this new album is phenomenal. Listen to it yourself!

This past week I rekindled my love affair with tumblr. Do any of you still blog using tumblr? It was definitely the original Pinterest (although Pinterest does have its perks). And yes, my URL is the Damien Rice song "Rootless Tree". There was a period of time during my high school days where this song meant the world to me. Still does, actually.

I am off on some adventures this weekend! Can't wait to to share them :)
Unplug this weekend,
spend time with your loved ones
and give yourself a break!

You deserve it.
See you guys Monday...or maybe Tuesday ;) After all, it is a three-day weekend!

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