Tuesday Tunes | Mix No. 11

This playlist is best played with the city as your backdrop and dreams in your pocket ++

song list
1. Locked Out - Freelance Whales
2. Step - Vampire Weekend
3. Getting Old - Hellogoodbye
4. Get Out - Casey Abrams
5. The Summer - Josh Pyke
6. Matilda - Alt-J
7. Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It - Stars
8. Green Gloves - The National
9. Anything But You - Civalias
10. The Light - The Album Leaf

The top ten tracks for this week are from some new favorite artists and a few forever favorites. During my road trip to Atlanta last week, my friend's car played a handful of these songs and I couldn't help but feel like my dreams were right in my pocket. I hope these songs find their way into your week!

Happy Listening.Listen on: 8tracks

Any tracks that you are digging this week?
I'd love to hear!

( photo // instagram: @mashleyvega)