Megan gets her braces off

So... my beautiful little sister got her braces off! Wahoo! After three years of braces, brackets breaking, rubber bands, no popcorn (well, kind of), and food uncomfortably getting stuck in her teeth, she is free! Getting your braces off are like some sort of rite of passage for growing out of your teenage stage into early adulthood. And if you've never had braces, well, lucky you! (I suffered the same fate in high school.)

I, of course, took advantage of this photo opportunity and made her model for me while I tried my new photo editing tools + practice some portrait shots. She's a trooper ;) We even took a trip to the beach for the sand shots! Okay, we used a volleyball court, but same thing right?

First off comes the braces, then comes college & then comes everyone thinking she's the older one.
They just grow up too fast!