Inspiration with Renee of Wild Roses

I’ve been trying to pair up with sweet Melissa to do some guest posting for ages, so when we finally were able to talk and schedule a time I was clap my hands happy. Then she said write a post about what inspires you and I thought, well crap. Why is that question always so hard? So I thought about what gives me that take-your-breath-away feeling. What makes me believe in all the things I dream of doing and makes my brain work a little quicker. A little wittier. The things that are once in a lifetime, these things can't be repeated you see. You can't bottle up the same inspiring moments to use again and again. They must be savored and remembered until you stumble across another. And another.


1. I suppose what has inspired me my entire life is words. A well timed sentiment from my fiancé, short lovely poems, sentences carefully crafted to bring out an image or emotion, song lyrics. They all make me dream of bigger things. I planned to be a writer when I was young, and it still may happen. But blogging is a decent outlet for now. F. Scott Fitzgerald and EE Cummings are my favorites. 


2. The second, and I just wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t add it, is my faith. The gracefulness of God and His love keep me going everyday. It gives me peace about my future and excitement over what I’ll be able to do in my life. “Because God is graceful, I am brave.” 


3. Beautiful typography is probably my most recent inspiration piece. Who knew the perfect combinations of fonts and placement could make such a difference? I think this all ties in with my mom being an interior designer. I’ve been raised to look for beauty and uniqueness my entire life. It’s just showing up in different ways in me. 

 4. Which brings me to fashion. Well style really. I am a fashion/life blogger afterall. For me style and fashion are life typography, the right accessories and mix of pattern and color create something distinctive and entirely you. And lets just be honest for a moment. Nothing is “new” anymore. Creativity is just how you reinvent and combine the things that have already been done. So don’t be scared! Wear whatever you want and push yourself every now any then! Gold leggings are back for goodness sake!

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I’ll leave it at four for now, I am a woman of many inspirations apparently. Thanks again to Melissa for inviting me to guest post! There’s nothing better that real life blogger friends! One day I’ll meet you in New York Melissa, Brooklyn maybe?


Thank you Renee for stopping by The 25th Hour and sharing your inspirations! I would absolutely meet you in NYC, you fashionista! I hope everyone has enjoyed her, "What Inspires You?" guest post during my not-so-planned blog hiatus. I have unintentionally unplugged for the past few days, but will be back to a regular schedule tomorrow after I sort through some things.

Hope these inspirations cheered up some middle of the week blues! Happy Wednesday friends.
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