Getting Inspired By: Third Floor Design Studio

Hi friends! Kim here from Third Floor Design Studio - a blog about interior design + all things creative.

As an interior designer I get the question, "how can I give my room a facelift without breaking the bank?!" a lot! Well, you see, design is in the details. The smallest changes can transform a space. I recently started a new series on the blog that solves this very problem + it gives you a chance to show off the changes you've made!

introducing >>>

I would LOVE to see you hop on over, say hello, and join in on the challenge! 

And a big thanks to the incredibly talented Melissa for having me today! 

Kimberly is such an inspiring and creative spirit! Her talents don't just stop at interior design, but fall into photography and graphic design. Be sure to check out her blog to join the challenge or stay inspired :) Thank you for stopping by!