Boston | Gold Gallery

A couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to pack up my bags and spend the weekend with some of my best friends in Boston. Renée, the now local, played tour guide for us as we explored South End, went shopping on Newbury Street, dined at fabulous places and literally got blown away by the wind. Aside from my freezing toes, foggy glasses and slight anxiety when it comes to big cities (I am a mountain girl at heart!), it was a wonderful trip! Boston is a kind of cold I only have nightmares about. Brrr!

While waiting for brunch, we took a little walk around South End and discovered Gold Gallery. This month they celebrate their one year anniversary! Aside from the brilliant art it is home to, what caught my initial attention was their logo and then it got even better inside. Safe to say, I think the pictures can show you proof themselves. The director told us this building was supposed to be a Dunkin Donuts I believe and then when that fell through, Gold Gallery had to set up in three weeks. What a turn of wonderful events!

Gold Gallery, thank you for being inspiring and extending the warm welcome to Boston.
The aspiring graphic design in me says Kudos to your fabulous logo + identity.

More pictures from Boston to come :)