Boston | Brattle Book Shop

Renée took us to one of her favorite book shops in Boston called Brattle Book Shop. What a perfect little shop! The exterior alone is so inviting with its larger than life pencil sign and open bookstore with discounted books in the space next to them. It was three, four(?) floors of pure heaven! They even had a section for "Mountaineering". Yeah, I kind of freaked out.

In the photos above, do you see the stairwell with poster board photos of books? That is a display of all the first editions they have. I didn't go into their "Rare Books" room, but they have a floor dedicated to their collection they sell. How wonderful would it be to own the first edition of your favorite novel?!

Local book shops are one of my favorite finds. They go beyond the stories found in the books. Definitely check them out if you're ever in Boston! For more Boston photos, click here.