Hi friends, bloggers and businesses!

I caved and made the switch to Passionfruit Ads, seriously the easiest way to organize and stay on top of sponsorships. If you visit my sponsorship page, you can register for a slot alongside my sidebar. I love meeting new people, discovering new businesses, supporting them and most of all sharing them. I would love to work with you. There are options for purchasing ad space or button swapping!

In order to button swap, I am requesting you to email me and I will give you the "special code" to make your button free. Thank you for my current sponsors for being awesome. I look forward to continue working with you. If you're new around here, check out the blog and if it's your fancy, let's work together.

Read more about me here and read more about my blog here.

*Photo above was taken using my Holga camera in the summer of 2011 (c) Melissa Vega.