Well hello! I'm Erin and I blog over at Studio 336. Melissa invited me to pop over and share a few things with you today, and I couldn't be more happy to do so.

I've been reading The 25th Hour for some time now. Every time I stop by I'm encouraged to find that 25th hour, the hour of taking it easy, going out for coffee, reading that book you've been wanting to read, or tackling that project you've been meaning to get to, for.. say.. about 2 years now. I know I'm not the only one who could use more hours in a day which is why we all need to find that 25th hour. Find the time to do things that are good for the soul.


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Handmade. Printed, screened, painted, built, or drawn. It's all made by hand. There's something about know that someone put time and effort into make these goods that makes them even more special than they already are. And then, to know that you can directly effect that same person, by purchasing their item. It's fulfilling.. not to mention that awesome knew thing you have to wear, or use, or have remind you of something good. That's how I see these things. This is almost always how I spend my 25th hour. Now, to find a 26th hour to get that coffee and start working on that project.

Melissa, It's been a pleasure, and to your readers, I'd love if you'd stop by Studio 336, and feel free to stay a while. You'll find an assortment of handmade finds, small production goodness, the occasional DIY idea, and giveaways. I love to share what I love, and if you end up loving those things too, well I won't complain. You can also find me on facebook, and twitter, and instagram, and pinterest, or in my shop. But really, it'd make my day if you stopped by to say hi!


Isn't Erin wonderful? I just simply love her taste so much! Be sure to check out her blog and follow her as well. She posts the most amazing handmade items, some even her own! She's such a talented and inspiring individual. I assure you, you will be seeing more of her soon :) Thanks Erin for stopping by!