Hello people of the world The 25th Hour! I am SOO excited to be sharing my Valentines DIY with you all today!
Some of you just got excited because, like me, you're not awesome at gift giving,
Some of you just rolled your eyes and continued scrolling because you simply don't do Valentines Day,
and the rest of you don't care because you don't have anyone to gift to.

WELL let me tell you all something -- this little creation can be made for anyone [including yourself].

All you need is a deck of cards, a permanent marker and some sort of hanging contraption. I created mine from twine and a piece of wood. [ps. I was inspired from pinterest -- duh]
Simply write one lovey-dovey/encouraging/thankful thing or saying on each card.
I laid each card out on the table, put a little hot glue on the top and ran some twine down the middle. Tie each strand to your 'hanger' and hang that baby up for people to see! [or somewhere private depending on who you're making it for, some people don't wanna read that stuff]


There you go! Quick and easy and cute [heck you can even leave this up year round].
--side note, that cute little sail boat thing was a gift from my mumma. she's the greatest.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY and I would love for you to drop by my blog --
Can't wait to meet you! >>> ali  
Um, is she not the most precious thing ever or what? I am also in love with her blog name. Check it out to read the story behind the name. So cute! I love this DIY so much because it takes the kitchiness of Valentine's day into something so personal and creative! (Don't get me wrong, I love the candy hearts, singing stuffed animals and flowers) Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this DIY! It has been awhile since I have posted one. Thank you Ali for being so cute and creative, but more importantly inspiring!