Earlier this week, my friend Melissa was my partner-in-crime for my first pie baking experience! Now, I have baked a few things like pumpkin cookies and red velvet cupcakes, but let's be honest.. those were definitely out-of-the-box kind of recipes aside from the made-from-scratch cream cheese frosting (favorittttte).

Baking a pie from scratch just feels more intimate. You literally know every little ingredient that goes into that pie, roll the dough yourself and put it together in the pan. It was quite a messy experience, but the best reward in the end! Also, did you know how soft your hands feel after kneading dough? Long story short, I love pies, I love baking and next time I need to wear an apron :) Of course I had to take photos of my "first" time. I am still trying to get flour off my camera. Oops!

Did I mention our pie was vegan? Here is the book we used!

Go grab a napkin.
I think you may have just drooled all over your keyboard.
You're welcome.