Photos were taken in my old college apartment when I was fixing up my bookshelf about a year ago

One of my New Year's Resolutions (NYR) is to read one book every month. Maybe five years ago this seemed nothing out of the ordinary, but for this post-graduate lady, reading a book sounds as "impossible" as getting eight hours of sleep a night. I seriously thought after college meant more sleep and less things to do. Boy was I wrong. If anything it is less sleep, more things to do. And it just gets crazier from here, right?

The last book I read was Shades of Grey (cue blushing), but I never had the inspiration to finish the last two of the series. They are stored away in my Kindle and I suppose one day I will finish them. Is it me or did it just seem repetitive? I mean, I could only deal with so many, ahem, hardcore not-so-Disney-channel scenes in a book series. Goodness I sound like a prude. Was I judging the other two books too quickly?

This month I am reading Eat Pray Love and I couldn't be more excited. I think I will jump back on my Goodreads account and try to not look like a loser on there anymore. Yikes it looks rough on there!

I will make an effort to track my progress through my blog. I've created a button (naturally) so that I make sure I hold up my end of my NYR deal. Feel free to snag the button if you would like to join in on this challenge! I would love to see what everyone is reading lately since I have been out of the game.

Here's to new year resolutions that will be accomplished and getting lost in a book.