Can you believe it is nearly mid December?
At times (and by at times I mean all the time) I feel as though life is FLYING right by me. I think "Oh, that's not for another few weeks" and bam, that few weeks turns into tomorrow. I always have mixed things about the month of December...and what do I do when I have mixed feelings?

I write letters.

Dear December,

You are the perfect ending before the perfect beginning. It is almost as simple as that. Aside from your holiday swag (yes, I just said swag), there is something much more deeper to you than holiday sales, higher electricity bills, ornaments, gift wrap, tacky sweater parties and Santa. Underneath the petty stresses of finding the perfect gift, finding the perfect tree or sending out your Christmas cards on time, you are the month where we want to show people how much we care about them and give them a little something for being a part of our lives this past year. You bring warmth to the colder months and you really do bring joy.

I love that you're the season of hot chocolate, snow globes, multiple family dinners, Elf, peppermint, red, Christmas cards, wrapping presents, days off, knitted everything, family time and nights by the fireplace, but I love you the most because you're the month of true reflection. When you roll around, I look back at everything that has happened these past twelve months and ask myself some important questions. It is amazing how much can happen in just one year... I reflect on the person I have become and what will become of me. Have I changed? What changed me? What have I accomplished this year? Did I say I love you to the right people enough? What are the mistakes I have made? What are the moments I need to hold on to forever? Am I where I want to be? Am I where I need to be?

You always urge me to grow, grow, grow... to give back, to love unconditionally and learn to relax. You are one heck of a month and know how to end a great year in style. For now, I am soaking up in your holiday sun and loving every moment of whipping out my Christmas music and having an excuse to spend some money on loved ones. I am always torn with whether I want you to speed up or slow down.

For now, slow down :]

It is sure starting to look a lot like Christmas.