If you didn't see on instagram, here is the wonderful Christmas card my little younger sister and I mailed out this year. I say younger because she is not little anyyyyyyyy more! If you can't read the card due to the instagram quality of this photo, it says "Merry Christmas from our dorky hearts to yours." We ordered them through CardStore using this template. I seriously love this card company! This card was not glossy and really good quality. They have a HUGE selection of cards and I can't get enough of them. We got lots of compliments ;)

The photos on the card are from this blog post last Thanksgiving. They were too great not to share to all our family and friends...again. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break! Before we know it, it will be New Year's Eve and we will welcome 2013. I haven't thought past 2012, so 2013 should be interesting, but I wouldn't ask for anything less :)

*This post was not sponsored and/or affiliated with CardStore. I just love the cards I got and wanted to share :)