SAT Nov. 24, 2012

Little things I appreciated this week//
knitted sweaters
time passing slowly
tea time with best friends
Thai food
when shuffle plays all my favorites
alarms turned off
One Tree Hill
walking the aisles of crafts stores
buying presents for others
buying presents for yourself
peppermint mochas
a new [knitted] scarf
Christmas lights
Bon Iver
discovering new music
polka dot socks
snow globes
chalk paint
lunch breaks

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

I forget to remind myself of this sometimes. I get caught up in the big picture and let my worry of the "big things", such as finances or the future overwhelm me that I forget to sit back and appreciate the little things in life. A peppermint mocha isn't just a peppermint mocha.. it is the peppermint mocha that my mother bought me while we bonded over Black Friday. The snow globe isn't just a snow globe.. it's the first piece of Christmas decoration my mother bought me that I can have in my home for many years to come. The chalk paint isn't just chalk paint... it's the chalk paint I used to make time to create something on my diy to-do list. It gave me a chance to put deadlines on pause. 

They may seem like meek or mundane things that may go unnoticed, but they are everyday sources of happiness that are right under our nose. What are the little things you appreciated this week?

top photo: (c) Melissa. Thankful card template created by Oana Befort.
bottom photos: Instagram. Follow me @mashleyvega