WED NOV. 15 | 2012

A month without blogging? What happened to you Melissa?
Well, life happened and it surely does not slow down for any one.  There have been lots of changes professionally, personally and generally. From your best friends getting married to landing a full-time job, post graduate life isn't so bad, right? First and foremost, here are some quick updates to cushion my apology for being such a lame and uninteresting blogger >>

About a month and a half ago I started working for a mortgage banking company as a Loan Processor. Like any full-time position, there are dull moments, moments when I want to pull my hair out, moments when I feel really secure and moments when I feel like I don't know what the heck I am doing! More so on the latter. It has absolutely nothing to do what I initially wanted to do professionally, but has created some wonderful opportunities for me. It is definitely a challenge, but who doesn't love those?

Even though I help process loans in the day, by night/weekends, I am a graphic designer & content developer part time! In college I interned with a wonderful business, Yoga G33k Health Promotions (YGHP), founded by Courtney Pearce, and in September she officially hired me. THIS my friends, is my absolute dream job. I get to work with the most inspiring, creative and down-to-earth person I have ever met and express myself creatively through my work. It may be just part-time right now, but my heart is in it one hundred percent. We have some big plans in the works and I can't wait to share it with the world soon enough!

Other than work, I have taken a few small road trips, become a god mother, spent some time with family/friends and started creating my post-graduate life. Moving back to Raleigh was never in the plan, but that's the funny thing about life, plans change. At first I was really bummed out I was back in the town I called home through most of my life, but Raleigh is quite a different city in your twenties. I plan to explore more of this city and find all its hidden gems! It's not where you are, it's who you're with ;)

I have some great posts in the works, but if I suck at blogging, feel free to follow me via Twitter & Instagram! I am trying to stay connected to the blogging world but forgive me if I start to slack again. I need to start finding that "extra hour" as my blog advocates.

*Photo (c) Melissa Vega
Taken in Washington D.C. during a weekend trip for my Dad's marathon.