MON Nov. 19, 2012

During my weekend in Boone, I visited one of my favorite record stores, 641 RPM and just had to splurge. Because of my gypsy lifestyle (ha, not really), I had been separated from my records + record player for over three months (yikes!). In celebration of our reunion, a visit to record store concluded with my purchase of four new albums: Mumford & Sons, Jose Gonzalez, The Lumineers and Bon Iver. Quite the finds! I think my wallet will be okay about these :)

I will not pretend to be well educated on the practice of vinyl collecting nor do I consider myself enough of a music snob to "know" what I am talking about, but I just love the idea of collecting records. There is a definite difference in the experience of listening to music from a record player in comparison to an iPod, computer speakers, etc. It is so much more intimate. You physically see the connection of how the music is played and it just feels raw and right. I just jumped on board a few years ago after a good friend of mine bought me my first records, but I am quite positive this will be a lifelong hobby.

I don't know about you but I am head over heels that records have made a "come back".
Go keep your local record stores in business and GO VINYL!

Bottom two photos are via instagram. Follow me at mashleyvega!