THURS Nov. 22, 2012 - Thanksgiving Day

Smells of baked goods and turkey from the kitchen, laughter from the living room and homes filled with love... welcome again Thanksgiving! It is refreshing that we take a day from our busy lives to sit back and reflect on the wonderful things to be thankful for. Even though Thanksgiving can mean running around the grocery store like a man man, staying up late planning for meals and Black Friday sales or the thought of hosting all your family members making sure they're comfortable and well fed... keep in mind the true essence of this holiday - being thankful for life, love and everything in between.

This time of year, I don't mind all the "annoying" posts about Thanksgiving and what we are each thankful for. Honestly, I think every news feed should be filled with that kind of energy instead of the negativity I see. So I welcome all the Thanksgiving posts and "annoying" hashtags because it is great seeing people saying thank you once in awhile.

- The solid relationships I have built over the years and the family that support + stand behind me throughout my life. I have these people to thank for helping me through the bad times and celebrating through the good. There will be many people who come into your life and some that stray, but every person in your life came in for a reason, and you should thank them for that. (I could write a whole novel on these people <3)

- The moments I wake up in the morning knowing I have another day.

- The jobs and opportunities I have come across throughout life, especially post grad. My future shines a little brighter because of you!

- Experiencing love and all it has to offer.

- The little things in life that sometimes are not so little: mixed cds, handwritten letters + cards, opened doors, lunch dates, lazy days, nutella, pumpkin cookies, pattern, yoga pants, yoga, knitted scarves, vinyl, holding hands, Skype, sale racks, Mulan, etc.

- Moments when time passes by quickly and moments when time passes slowly.

- People who walk in as strangers and stay as friends.

- Travels that end safely.

- Gatherings around the fire place.

- The mere joys of road trips.

- Not only being alive, but truly living.

Just remember to have some reflection today and say thank you today, tomorrow and the days that follow.

Picture via instagram, @mashleyvega and card template created by Oana Befort,