TUES. Sept 18 2012
First and foremost, I apologize for my "little hiatus" that turned into a full blown break up...well at least it felt like it. I just needed to step out for some fresh air and much needed space. You know? The cyber life needed to be put on hold so I could catch up with my real one. So many beautiful things have happened these past few months and I can't wait to relive those journeys with you all on the blog, but for now here's a little insight on this "much needed space".

I initially started this blog to create my own space, yet here I am needing space from my own space.


Interesting concept, I know, but I wanted the 25th hour to be about finding that extra time to do those things you love, to see the people you love, to catch up, to find that extra moment for inspiration and to really focus on what matters in life. You can even quote me from my blog explanation here. Well, I took a sip of my own advice and that is exactly what I did. I found my 25th hour this summer by traveling the world, breathing, sleeping in, not rushing, not planning, enjoying every single moment, getting a little "lost" and placing my life into God's hands.

I got a little worried when I discovered I couldn't hide behind my college schedule anymore, focusing on my GPA and how this would make me look on my resume. School was really what I threw myself into and as rewarding as that is (i.e. graduating), there were things that needed tending to. Honestly it was hard to wrap my head about anything past the year 2012. I just always knew that this was the year I would graduate and have my life all figured out. I did to a point, but then I changed gears and I let myself wander a little bit and explore different options then heading straight into work. Remember, all who wander are not lost.

If you knew me for any part of the last eight years of my life, you would know how dedicated I am to my work and to my studies... so why am I not throwing myself whole heartedly into a career? I actually am, but just in a way that isn't textbook after graduation. Don't blame the economy on this one because I didn't even try applying for a "big girl" position. I think my head finally listened to my heart on this one and told me, "Don't grow up too fast, but keep growing."

So here I am, growing.
Growing in a way I never truly gave myself a chance to experience.
The future is a little hazy, but I couldn't be more thankful about the present.

photo. Taken by my sister Megan in Iriga City, Philippines summer 2012.