For the next few days I will be in the wonderful town of Wilmington to celebrate the wedding of my dearest best friends Joe and Hannah! You know, the ones I always photograph like here, here and here? The next few days will be filled with a bachelorette party, bridesmaid luncheon, amazing yellow bridesmaid dresses, the best of friends, dress rehearsals, the best wedding ever and just so much love all around. I am so honored to be a part of this wedding and to be witness to one of the greatest loves I have ever seen. Seriously. This couple makes you so sick because they are just that perfect together. You know, that couple :) Ps. That is a total compliment.

I can't wait to share with you their perfect day and of course, her bridal portraits that I have been DYING to share! So here's to Hannah, Joe and to true, everlasting love. Love you both so much.

Here's the almost-married couple:

image one: Taken in Wilmington 2011 during a weekend trip with my best friends.
Image two: Part of the engagement photo shoot we had in Wilmington. Find the rest in the above links.