June 7, 2012
I can't believe it has been a little over a month since I last blogged. My sincerest apologies! Between the last month of my undergrad, graduation, New York City and Thailand, I just couldn't keep up with what life was handing to me. No worries though, I have every intention of sharing my photos and experiences of my last month...just spare me some patience and I'll get right to it :)

In a nutshell, I just came back from my two week excursion to Thailand! We went all over including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Cha Am. I met some of the most incredible people and I can't wait to share all the details soon.

Just hold on tight and the blogging world of the 25th Hour will be back shortly.
Right after I recover from some major jet lag.

*Photo was taken at Cha Am Beach, Thailand last week.