Say hello to Alexis!
She is probably the cutest little nine year old...ever. I had the pleasure of taking her pictures along with her older brother Jalen (equally as cute) a few weeks ago. That's what I've been doing during my blog hiatus... lots of photo taking along with a lot of other things. College has seriously worn me out. I still just have a few more weeks left. Come on Melissa, you can do this. It is absolute crunch time but all I want to go is start my life, after college.

I just wanted to check in with you all and say that I miss you dearly. Here's a little preview of the photo shoot we had and just to let you know, I have loads more to share that I absolutely can't wait to! The focus on the blog will be shifting a little bit, if you couldn't tell by the changes.

I'm so fancy and got my OWN domain name! It's like I'm officially an adult.

If we have swapped buttons or you have a link to my blog on your site, kindly switch over to the new name :) I will make buttons soon, but not sure if I'll be doing the button swap thing...at least not right now. The 25th hour is still a work in progress, but I promise I will be back soon.

Sending you lots of love, patience, good health and incredible joy.