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Wait It Out (Non Instrumental) by Imogen Heap on Grooveshark 

I think my love for Imogen Heap's music is running five or six years strong? Ever since her debut of the Speak For Yourself album with my favorites, "Hide and Seek", "Just For Now", "Speeding Cars", and "Goodnight and Go" I've been ridiculous addicted to her music. I'm talking on-every-mix-cd-I-make-everyone addicted to the-number-of-times-I-listen-to-her-music-exceeds-a-thousand type addicted. She is unlike anyone else and her music is insane genius. You can't help but respect her individual sound. I mean, have you seen her live version of "Just for Now"? You need to watch it.

Although "Wait It Out" came out a few years ago, I've been listening to this song a lot, like during my five minute drive to and from school to right before I get to bed. Maybe it's the idea of "waiting" that I've been stuck on and letting my mind wander on about it. Maybe it's because that's all I felt like I've been doing...not necessarily in a bad way, but just waiting.
Waiting to graduate.
Waiting to travel.
Waiting to figure out feelings.
Waiting for tomorrows.
Waiting for weekends.
Waiting to figure out where to go from here.
Waiting for walls to break down.
Is there any harm in just waiting?

I don't think there is. I used to believe waiting it out was just procrastinating and avoiding, but in this moment, I think waiting is the smartest thing I can do right now. I don't need all the answers...no one should be expected to have them all at once. I think time would do me well to really figure out things and wait it out. Then, I think I will figure what exactly what I'm feeling, exactly what I want, and exactly what I want in life. If I chose something right now, I think I would be just "filling" my time with something instead of figuring out exactly what I want.

Are we just going to wait it out?
Yes, Imogen. Right now, this moment, I am going to wait it out.