My perfect yellow pants.
These pants were the perfect va-va-voom to get the day rollin' the right way, which it did! I wore these last week and it was the right kick-butt outfit to make myself be the most productive I've been in awhile. I've been in sort of a lag when it comes to staying focused lately. I just want to do so much in so little time that I can't even focus on one task because I'm thinking of another!

outfit deets
I got these corduroys (yes, I had to google how to spell 'em) from Gap a couple years ago but they still sell this 1969 style (buy 'em here!) Didn't see the same color but they are some of the most comfortable pair of pants and I am super, super picky when it comes to pants. The flannel was borrowed from my Catherine and these brown flats are from Target from years ago! You can't go wrong with flannels and corduroys in the mountain town I live in ;)

Did you notice my watch says 11:11?
The battery is broken so I set it at 11:11 for the time being as a filler, but I think I kind of like the idea of always having it there and not knowing what time it is. I used to be so caught up in what time it was and how much time I was spending on something so it's refreshing not surrounding my life with the idea of time. The bracelet is one of my favorite quotes and bracelet to wear. It's a nice constant reminder.

Told ya I'd bring you more outfit posts.
We'll see how lazy I get this Spring Break ;)