Dear Athens,

Where did you come from? Where have you been hiding? I didn't know you existed but my goodness, since my first trip in October, you've introduced me to some lovely people and you never cease to host some unforgettable moments. Did you know you're only four hours away from Boone? It was bittersweet leaving you again this weekend. I'm not sure of our next reunion, but just know that everything that happened keeps me smiling at night.

This weekend was filled with late nights, seeing my friend's band Funk You play (everyone needs to check them out...NOW), windows down, running in the rain, rooftop bars, fish tacos, a failed attempt to watch Harry Potter, beautiful mornings, warmth, great company, completely sucking at darts, a very small tour of UGA, Jittery Joe's..twice, porch conversations, new inside jokes, winking, little moments, learning new things, meeting new people, staying out, sleeping in and just overall a new refreshing perspective.

I must say Athens, you threw me off this weekend and yet made everything make sense. I tried to capture some moments with disposable cameras. There's something authentic, wonderful and "road trippy" when using film cameras. Although I may not have much money, or any money at all, I will be investing into film a lot more.

Thank you for a [insert best adjective here] weekend.
I'm still smiling.