Tuesday Tunes v.10 | Milo Greene

Tuesday Tunes has easily become my favorite posts. They have opened up the musical windows that have been closed when I get caught up in what feels like infinite deadlines. Each Tuesday Tunes posts makes me realize how much music has made an influence on my life & on others.

I am so excited to introduce you all to Milo Greene, honestly a band I recently ran across. By recent I mean exactly one week ago. I am just dying to be able to purchase their music, but for now I have their bandcamp and the free download of "1957" when you sign up for their mailing list. I can't believe I just discovered them.

Milo Greene are like the cool kids. Not the kind that make you feel inadequate, but the cool kids that befriend you and invite you to cool picnics during lunch. Like the cool kid who will jump over a fence for you...like Benny from Sandlot. Their music makes me dream of driving through California with the sun flashing in between the trees with the ones I love by my side and with hair that doesn't tangle when I put the windows down. Pretty good feeling huh? I mean, they are from California.

Milo Greene, please come out with a purchasable album soon. Pretty please?