Taken Summer '10

"I remember" is a photo series I started to look back at old photographs I've taken throughout the years. I've been feeling bittersweet about moving on to the next chapter in my life and I'd like to relive some of my favorite moments. Won't you come along?  

Probably one of my favorite roller coasters thus far - The Intimidator at Kings Dominion. This baby is 305 feet tall with a drop angled at 85 degrees with speeds going 90 mph. Sure, not the number one fastest/tallest roller coaster, but a great one indeed.

I am definitely one of those roller coaster fanatics. I think you're either in love with roller coasters or the sight of them makes you want to run under your covers/pee in your pants. I am definitely not the latter. I love the heart racing, the anticipation, the screaming, the speed, the photos at the end of the ride and the adrenaline. Of course I act like a big baby during the long lines before the ride, but deep down I just freaking love them.

I brought a disposable camera to the theme park and snapped this puppy before embarking on it (three times). This photo and memory means the absolute world to me. A lot of things have changed since then, but I remember this day and I hope everyone that was there does too.

How do you feel about roller coasters? Have a favorite one?