Every now and again, I like to look at my past journal entries. Some entries I'm entirely embarrassed about, others I definitely reflect on. Journaling has honestly not been on my "plate" for years...I wrote an entry a few months ago, but before that it had been about 1.5-2 years since the last entry. I'm on a mission to try and journal more...at least jot down my thoughts. Here's a more recently entry I wrote while I was waiting for my car to get fixed at a Meineke (I know, a great place for deep reflection).
"I'm so excited to love. Not necessarily a specific someone. When I meet that someone, I'll know, but in general to love. Love myself, my family, alone time, the little things, love a stranger, love the unlovable things in life. Just love everything, because I know I have that capability. I'm really excited for my life right now and my heart is so full and ready to love."
I'll leave you with some Rufus -
Rufus Wainwright by Hallelujah on Grooveshark

*Can you notice my tired eyes? I would say "that's college," but I'm not sure if this is the extent of the exhaustion I will feel in the "real world."