Guest post with Kitty Snooks | "What inspires you?"

Here is another installment of "What inspires you?" where I asked my blogging friends to answer this question and share with my readers. You can see all the posts here. Today let's welcome Katia from Kitty Snooks! We met through the small world project last year and am so glad we have stayed such great blogging friends. She is an artist of all sorts and I just can't get enough of her posts. Be sure to check out her blog asap!

I'm so happy that Melissa asked me to write a guest post, and about inspiration of all things!! These past few weeks I have gone through a creative, inspired surge and it has been pretty gosh darned fun. I'm an arts student studying Illustration, so for me, staying inspired enough to do my projects (some of which are a bore, until I find a way to make it fun for myself!) is super important. I probably couldn't explain how this came to be, but somehow my eyes have recently been opened to even more beauty in every single thing around me.
Tea bag tags? Some have the most beautiful designs. Those two annoying words they make you type for word verifications? The potential for great imagery! The way shredded cheese looks when it's half melted on top of your soup? First of all, YUM. And second of all, super pretty! Here's a few photos from my past week that go hand in hand with how I get inspired.

Patterns are exciting, and beautiful, and I love incorporating them in my artwork. Patterns are also great for fashion, and photography, or anything else you might be interested in! Take a look around you, look at an every day object and see if you can make out a pattern! This stove-top (though in need of a bit of a scrub!) has the coolest geometric pattern that is really graphic and I think would make a great textile. Who woulda thunk it?

Texture is just as important as pattern to me, and often can be created in art by repeating patterns! Look at the three differing textures in this milkweed pod. How beautiful are they? Nature has the best textures around and I love trying to imitate them in my drawings. Tree bark, flower petals, a dried up leaf, animal fur, there's so much to be inspired from!

And of course, just having your eyes open for beautiful coincidences. Two or three wood-like textures put together? Things that are wonderfully shaped, the light that comes through your window at sunset and makes everything golden. Everything has the potential for beauty and to be inspiring, you just have to take a second to sit back and see it.
So take photographs of the things that are strangely, strikingly beautiful. Even if it is just a texture, or a pattern. These aren't meant to be photos for the sake of photography, sometimes it's great to just capture colours you love or something you can look back on later to inspire you. Don't want to lug around your camera? Take a mental picture, because some little beautiful things are worth remembering. :) 
xo Katia

Such a beautiful post Katia. Finding inspiration in the everyday, little things in life. You just can't beat it. Thank you for stopping by this little blog and urging us to find inspiration where you wouldn't expect it. That milkweed pod is beautiful! I've never seen one before :)

So I ask my readers, what inspires you?
If you'd love to do a guest post, email me!
I'd love to work with you :)