Guest Post: Melissa from My Soul is the Sky

Hi, I'm Melissa from My Soul is the Sky. I was recently asked by Melissa, "What inspires you?" 

I find inspiration in all things cozy, comfortable, and with a hint of chic.
I love seeking out and finding new people, places, and things so I love to browse tumblr, pinterest, and blogs. I find a lot of my inspiration in beautiful pictures and always want want to share it with others.
I feel very lucky to live in a time where things are available from around the world with a simple click of a button. It's easy to explore and discover what beautiful things are out there besides what's just directly around me. It helps me know that there are other people out there with my similar interests. I guess the things that inspire me most are simply the beautiful people and places in this world.

Feeling inspired? Come check out my blog for more (:

Thank you Melissa for sharing :) Her blog is amazing filled with hair tutorials, fashion, everything beauty and overall cuteness! Not only does she have a fabulous name ;) but she is an absolute sweetheart. Be sure to check out her blog for more!

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