Featured Artist + Shop | Another Feather

Welcome to another installment of Featured Artist. I am so happy to introduce you to Hannah, the beautiful artist behind Another Feather. I bought my first Another Feather utensil earrings a year or so ago and absolutely love them! She lives in Asheville with her husband Malcom who makes leather goods in his shop. Read more about her inspirations and her story :)

1. Tell us a little about yourself and another feather
I live and work in the beautiful city of Asheville, NC. Everything is made by me using found objects and traditional metal smithing techniques and tools in my home studio located in the River Arts District.My line includes one of a kind metal made jewelry, found object assemblages, and simple everyday adornments. Each piece is slightly one of a kind, due to naturally unique imperfections, and evidence of the hand at work. Rustic and worn, all jewelry is given special attention to detail, and is often made from objects found on travels, flea market excursions, and walks through the woods.

I am primarily an artist, and have a Studio art degree in both Metals/Jewelry & Fibers. Before Another Feather I only made conceptual sculptural jewelry or large scale installation gallery work. Another Feather has opened up the design side of my work, and has given me a way to support myself financially with a production line, while still making my artwork. My business has also made a way for me to make my jewelry affordable for a younger low budget crowd, those (like myself) who maybe can’t afford to buy the one of a kind art jewelry I make, but what to have something with the same style and ideas behind it.

2. When and how did another feather come about?
Honestly I started Another Feather completely by accident in 2009. At the time I was a full time student (studying Studio Art), and had a part time job working in an art gallery. I had made a few samples that I enjoyed making, but took no time at all, as studies for bigger things I was working on in my Metals courses. Some local friends wanted to buy them, and suggested I open an etsy shop. So I did, with five whole items in it (really rubbish items I might add). They all sold in the following weeks, so I started to replenish with more samples.
That summer, I had some free time, and started making some fun affordable and wearable pieces and slowly adding them to my etsy shop. Then overnight I starting having sales daily, and then a few weeks later I got an unexpected call, From NBC’s Today Show. They wanted to feature 10 pieces of my jewelry, which were to be overnighted to their NYC studio on their tab. I thought it was a joke, but I did it, and there my jewelry was two weeks later on national television (I didn’t even have a television, so I caught it at a friends). All that to say, I was not prepared in the slightest to run a business, I had never even thought about it. I was so very lucky and blessed to be able to get on my feet so quickly and form a business.

3. What are your most popular items?
That's a tough one, it really depends on the season. Some month's I'll completely sell out of one necklace and then a few weeks later won't sell a single one. I pretty regularly sell a lot of feather globe necklaces, the quartz & layered chain necklace, antler slice necklaces, and a good amount of studs and cicada wings. 

4. What is your favorite medium to work with?
Metal of course (silver and brass especially), found objects from nature and from my travels, and any sort of fibers (ie. wool, cotton, leather, linen, silk)

5. What's up and coming for another feather?
I am about to release our newest line for S/S 2012, and debut our brand new lookbook that we just got done shooting last weekend! We are also preparing for the upcoming season of Markets and trade shows, and adding a few new one's on the West Coast to our line up!

Hannah's story is absolutely beautiful and inspiring, which shows directly from the jewelry she creates. Thank you for letting us peek into your studio and creations! I have a feeling all of you will be owning your own Another Feather piece very soon :)