Tuesday Tunes v.5 || The Study Mix

Tuesday Tunes v.5 by melissa vega on Grooveshark

Readers of mine, I present to you "The Study Mix" also appropriate for relaxing, cups of tea, moments when words are unnecessary, those moments before bedtime, a bath or to let your mind wander. This being my last semester of college, I really need to buckle down and make sure I graduate with some good grades, since graduate school is in the plan. I listen to these songs over and over and over again when I'm doing anything school related. It puts me in a good place and I hope it does the same for you. So for those of you in school, good luck this semester and hopefully this playlist will help take out the stress.

If you have any instrumental pieces or movie scores that are your favorite, please share! I'd love to be introduced to new music and add to my studying playlist.

Linking up with Danielle from Tongue Tied in Awe for Tuesday Tunes. You should, too!

*This photo was taken four semesters ago while I was studying for a Biology exam. Flashcards + coffee = go time, with a side of a nap.