Tuesday Tunes v.3

I love sharing with you all new artists that I find. The genres will pretty much range considering I almost love everything, but that's NO to dub step. Sorry. If you want to share music as well, make sure you check out Danielle's blog tongue tied in awe, where I will be linking up! She has one of the best tastes in music so you'll surely find something you like!

Anyway, I introduce to you Jillian Edwards!
A hopeless romantic, just like me, except she actually knows how to put her feelings into lyrics. Something I have not gotten the hang of, or sing, or play guitar for that matter. ANYWAY, if you're into the cute, easy-listening, romantic, singer/songwriter type of music, she's your girl. She's just as cute as her lyrics.

Ps - There's a little surprise at the end of this blog post, so be sure to check it out.

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Take a listen:
Jillian Edwards Tuesday Tunes by melissa vega on Grooveshark

Like what you just listened to?
Well, I've got the greatest news! Her album "Galaxies and Such" is a FREE DOWNLOAD on Noisetrade. Be sure to click here and download it so you can listen to her over and over again like I've been doing. Also, her newest album "Headfirst" is under $7 on Amazon [I just bought it!]. Go support lovely artists like this one.

Hope you enjoyed :]