Rainy days + used book stores


This past Wednesday I felt it was about time I took a trip to our local Ed Mckay's and spent some store credit I had built up from selling them some old books. I had a lovely $24 to spend and at first I had about *seven books in my hand and realized what I really wanted to buy was just one, To Kill a Mockingbird. Hands down, one of my favorite books and now I finally own it. Then I wanted to build up my record collection so I bought four. Yup, all for $24.
I'd say that day was successfully wonderful. Wouldn't you?

Ps - Isn't my mom cute? :) Her and my little sister were so patient while I walked up and down the endless aisles of books + records for (what felt like) hours.

*The reason I didn't go through with buying seven books is because as much as I love owning books, I only want to own books I actually love. I'm trying to step away from my hoarding tendencies and become a little more minimalistic. So instead, I wrote down all the book titles, hopefully find them in my local library and potentially buy them if I feel they belong to my bookshelf.