NCMA: North Carolina Museum of Art

Sometimes, all you need is a little trip to the museum.
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Museum trip on 01 | 13 | 2012
Ah, a trip to the museum. An art museum.
Sometimes that's all you need. Did you know I've never been to any of the museums in Raleigh and I've been living there for years. By years, I mean practically my whole life (with the exception of going to five different elementary schools including Richmond, Guam, Cary and Raleigh) ANYway, the museum was lovely. I felt so grown-up, I actually read the descriptions (I mean, did you really do this on school field trips, be honest) and I absorbed it all. Also, the NCMA has this kickBUTT restaurant inside their second building that looks so cool! It's on my list of places to eat in Raleigh :] Any one want to come with?

So in conclusion, when you need a little lift, time for thought and some good ol' inspiration, go to the closest art museum possible and make some art of your own ;)

Have a safe and inspiring weekend!
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