I remember: cupcakes in Raleigh

I'm going to start putting "I remember" in front of posts where I share photos that I've been digging up on my hard drive or memories I'd like to recall. I honestly haven't been able to take photos as much as I'd like to this semester and I just love looking back on that ones I have taken. Great, great memories.

These were taken May 5, 2010 in downtown Raleigh.

Cupcake Shoppe is a cute little local, well cupcake shop! This was honestly the first and only time I ever went which is so heartbreaking because the cupcakes are to die for! Living in Boone for college makes it difficult to support local shops in my hometown. Don't worry Cupcake Shoppe, we WILL reunite! The bottom two photos are two of my best friends Nicole and Frederick, who also happen to be siblings.
Oh cupcakes, why are you the definition of perfection?
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