DIY: Pencil Holder

Inspired by this pin, I borrowed a drill from a guy friend of mine and attempted to create my own pencil holder a few weeks ago (in the midst of finals). At first, I stared at the drill for about a good 10 minutes trying to figuring out how it worked. I even made a phone call to another guy friend of mine, but really, how could he help over the phone? Then I proceeded to give it a shot (by putting a lot of pressure) and broke a 9/64 drill bit (it's one of the tiniest ones). Why did I try to drill this into this big block of wood? Don't ask and don't worry, I replaced it :]

After getting the hang of putting the right amount of pressure and angling the drill the right way, I finally was able to drill some holes using the 3/32 drill bit. After the wood chips all over my living room floor, I decided to move my project OUTside and thus, success! It was time consuming and my hand cramped up a bit, but overall, it was a successful DIY! I found the piece of wood while shooting my friend's save the date photos and therefore (without the cost of replacing the drill bit, which was $1.94), the project would've cost nothing!

I plan on using the pencil holder for some new art pens I've had my eyes on :)
Did you do any DIY projects recently?