Tuesday Tunes v.1 || Free Music Edition

One of my best blogging friends Danielle has been doing Tuesday Tunes for quite some time now and I am finally linking up with her! She has one of the best taste in music, so look at her past TT posts and bond with her over the love of music. Today's post will consists of some amazing artists (some even local!) that I want to share with everyone. For a bonus, every artist I'm sharing offers a free download of one of their songs (I know, early Christmas presents for all, right?)

Without further adieu...

Love You Strongly

I ran across this lovely sweet song on Amazon as a free download and guess what...it's still one! Click here to get your free legal download of this song. Amy has the sweetest voice and downright honest lyrics about "the other side of love." You can't help but fall in love with her fresh talent.

I Don't Want Love


When I say I'm in love with this song, I mean I'm in love. The kind of love that hurts while at the same time makes you extremely unhappy. I guess the kind of unhealthy love. I don't want know it is about this song, but it hits some sort of nerve of mine and I can't let go. I listen to this song maybe five times a day an hour. I wish I were exaggerating! Trust me, there will be more posts on The Antlers. Click here for the free Amazon download for "I Don't Want Love." All you have to do is listen and you'll understand.

The New River Boys are three of the most entertainingly, talented and giving gentleman out of Boone. No, but seriously. They are all over Boone and have the best sense of humor I have ever witnessed in my life. If you don't like to laugh or listen to great music, just don't go to any of their shows. They recently played for a fundraiser I planned a couple weeks back and I can't thank them enough. Oh, and did I mention they play the BEST covers of The Avett Brothers? Seriously though. I melt every time they play "Murder in the City." Ask them, they saw for themselves.

Click here to listen and download their version of "Silent Night" & other Christmas treats.

Slow Roll (Acoustic Version)

Straight out of Augusta, GA, Funk You is, you guessed it, a funk band that "delivers an eclectic blend of funk, reggae, jazz, and hip hop focusing on a high energy progressive funk sound that will keep you moving all night long!" It is quite true. When I saw them a couple weeks ago, I couldn't help but get down to their funky sound. I had dance moves I didn't even know I had. None other than their fresh sound, don't they just look like people you want to be friends with? They're going places, so why don't you join them in their journey. Visit them on Facebook and if you're in GA go see them live! They have "Slow Roll" as a free download on their Facebook page, so go download that to hold you over until their EP comes out (which is soon.) Hope you all enjoy the free music. Go support these artists in other ways by going to a show, buying their album and just spreading the word. Have a lovely Tuesday with your new music!