A little black & white film

Two years ago, I was able to take a Black and White Film class offered at Appalachian. It truly was one of the most creatively inspiring and challenging courses I ever took. I say challenging because the dark room aren't no walk in the park! I was feeling nostalgic about using my manual camera and dug some of these photos up from my old class binder.

I'm on a mission to find the photos that I used for critiques. These photos were either not turned in, or developed just for the sake of developing :]

I hope you enjoy a little of my adventures with my '76 SLR Nikon and the photos I had the lovely opportunity of developing in a dark room. I miss you dark room.

Photo details
[1] My camera and I on a little adventure down 105 [2] Appalachian Library [3] My beautiful friend Olivia who I used to swap clothes with [4] My inspiring father and loving younger sister [5] My old roommate and wonderful model back in the day when I took more photos [6] Isn't she beautiful? [7] Right outside that little park [8] Hannah being the cute model that she is [9] My ever inspiring friend, Rene [10] My first love, Zoey.

I'm escaping down to Georgia this weekend to take a break from finals. Good luck everyone!