12. December. Diciembre. Dec.

It seem as though November has come to an end,
& an old friend named December has come to visit.
Hello December.
Did you know I started this blog last December?
Let's just say I took some ...huge breaks in between posts back then ;)

Here's the first post.

Well friends, if you've been following me on the monthly goals journey, it looks like it's time for a little update! You can see the all the posts here. Here's the list and what I've marked off so far.

I've already written 21 thank you notes, so here are the remaining nine! Since all I've been putting in my moleskine lately are lists (school lists really), I decided to write my last thank you notes in there.

So, thank you November.
In the midst of a few bad days, awkward moods, cold hands and confusion, there were more days of joy, discovery, warmth, new friends and good food. You were a wonderful month. I feel more and more blessed every single day.

PS: If you're in Boone and looking for something to do, come out to my group's fundraising event this Friday from 5-8 p.m. during Boone's Art Crawl. All proceeds to go towards a local nonprofit, F.A.R.M. Cafe < -- go to their website for more information. Here's the flyer I made for the event. Be sure to check out the official Facebook page!