package pals 2011

I am happy to present to you, Package Pals 2011! 

My lovely blogger friend, who is one of the most adorable and friendliest people I know, Gentri, hosted this lovely project that truly brought a lot of bloggers together. I got paired with LauraJane and we were seriously the perfect match! I sent her some love from North Carolina and she sent some love from California. Maybe one day we'll meet up and bake together and she can do my make-up! (She has some great tutorials on her blog!) Here's some photos of what I got/gave. Her package was just filled with love and she knows me so well. Enjoy the pictures :]

I had the absolute best time putting together her package and of course I loved every second opening hers! I nearly ripped the box in half because I was so excited. Every time I picked up something from her package I was like, yes! This is perfect! My roommate was next to me and I could feel her jealous looks, haha. She had the best explanations for my gifts, i.e. giving me the "Awake" Tazo tea because she knows I'm in college and working like three jobs and a Vegan cookbook because I was trying Vegan recipes. Oh! And I don't know if she knows, but she actually sent me my FAVORITE brand of cupcake mix!!

I LOVE the feather headband she made me and my cute yellow pouch!
Ok, there's nothing in that package that I didn't love!

I decided to send her a few of my favorite things as well such as notebooks (because I am forever making lists and doodling), a mix cd (because if I make you a mix cd, you know we're real friends ;]) and I started a little quote book for her to finish. I hope she loved my package :]

Thank you Gentri for hosting this project and a HUGE thank you to LauraJane for one of the best packages I have ever received. So glad we met and look forward to out little blogging friendship!