Outfit Post // Sisters Edition

Finally! Another outfit post. I'm beginning to enjoy these...especially when I get to take pictures with my younger sister. I decided to do a little photo shoot on Thanksgiving Day. It was less awkward because I wasn't take pictures of just myself this time, but what was awkward was that we took photos in the "Bark Park" of my mom's apartment complex...hmm. Need I say more?

Well blogging world, I introduce to you my little sister Megan. Gorgeous, driven and I hear her older sister rocks ;) Enjoy our little photo-op. A few hours later we stuffed out faces and bellies full of lovely Thanksgiving food. We then proceeded to hang out with our adorably cute cousins and play the best game of Pictionary with everyone I had ever experienced. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Warning: This post is photo heavy. We just had too much fun!

My outfit: Dress//boutique, Shoes// found here - Old Navy, Tights + cardigan//Target, Bracelet//Gift, Purse// Michael Kors, Glasses//found here - BonLook,
Hair inspired by: Sara Lynn Paige
Megan's: Dress//Mom's, Shoes//Charlotte Russe, Blazer//Silvina's, Earrings//found here - Forever 21, Belt//JCPenny, Tights//Mine

PS: Isn't her nail polish adorable?!

Now, are you ready for the self-timer-awkward-but-arguably-cute-photos?

I love this little girl to death. Can't believe she's already 16! Yow-za!

Well, I trek back up the mountain to Boone tomorrow for a few more weeks of fundraising event planning, assignments, papers, exams, group projects, photo editing, work and uh, you know, college stuff. Finals are coming up, so all my college friends, best of luck to you :)

My break home was nothing short of necessary, relaxing and beneficial.
Hope everyone had a wonderfully safe holiday!