outfit post// christmas pjs

It's officially Christmas season in the Carroll-Scearce-Vega household. We whipped out the Christmas pajama pants! My roommates and I (pictured above) have finally put up most, if not all the Christmas decorations. Even if we are all peacing out before Christmas, it'll add to the holiday spirit! We're going to make our list of Christmas movies to watch soon. We better make time to watch them in the midst of finals, Felicity and trying to keep sane.

[Side note about the picture: At first I hated this one because it's "true to size." I look so short compared to them :( I am 4'11. Anyway, I made them take another one while I stood on a step school but felt dishonest, so I used this one!]

My lovely friend Mary Beth took these photos :] I hate taking photos on campus. Ugh. She said, "Are you going to use these for your blog?" At first I wasn't going to just to spite her but, even deep down I knew I was hehe.

Oh yeah, and it snowed a little here in Boone. No, it wasn't a blizzard (although I'm anticipating when Boone becomes a snow globe on steroids). I'm pretty bi-polar when it comes to snow here in Boone (as you can tell from the pictures). Cold, cold hands, but cute tights. Foggy, wet glasses but wearing coats! My walk to class gains five extra minutes from the wind blowing me back, but snow is beautiful! My car gets stuck every year and I can't even make it up my hill to my house, but watching snow fall from the window with the fire going is one of the most serene feelings.

Sigh, snow snow snow. How to feel about you. Obviously you're a man if you're making me feel this way.

Is it sad to base where you will move to next based on your closet? I just can't live anywhere too warm or without a cold season. I have just too much fall/winter clothing!