Obsessed Series 005: Manchester Orchestra

Nothing like seeing a band live.
Especially when you love them more than you did walking in.

I've always been a fan of Manchester Orchestra, but now it's like I truly fell in love with them. Sure I would listen to the handful songs I had from them recommended from various friends, but now...now it's true love. I've never appreciated them like I do now and all of you, yes all of you need to, too. Andy Hull, singer/songwriter/guitarist, writes some of the most honest lyrics and his voice is so raw and fierce. I went to go see them in Charlotte on a whim and I'm so glad I did. I even walked out with their newest album on vinyl, Simple Math.

In other news,
+ I am officially home for the Thanksgiving holiday.
+ I did photography for my first wedding reception. Preview pictures to come!
+ I am looking forward to gaining 10+ pounds this week.
+ I've downloaded some new fonts & gotten new music. Both of which make me extremely happy!
+ I leave you with "Deer" by Manchester Orchestra and you'll understand my love. It is the first song on their new album. [Sorry, no actual music video for this song]