a new bookshelf, kinda

For a couple months now, I've been inspired to redo my bookshelf! There are tons of cute bookshelves on pinterest that continue to inspire me, so I decided to do my own little project. It honestly was a bigger project than I anticipated (mainly because I knew nothing about wallpaper beforehand) but here's a little look into my project :) You should check out Sarah's post from Yes, Teacher! about bookshelf projects that may get you inspired too!

  • Project duration: A few weeks [because I'm a college student + it takes me forever to do anything other than school work. True story]
  • Cost: $20, I couldn't resist buying the textured wallpaper! I have enough to do my other bookshelf as well, so technically $10 for this project
  • Mess factor: Extreme. The glue from wallpaper is ... gross and books all over my floor for weeks, oops!
  • Outcome: Much happiness + satisfaction from this college student!

I was able to clear out some books that I wasn't reading anymore and set them aside to resell to a bookstore in Raleigh. Last time I got some good store credit, so I'm hoping to again. These bookshelves were handed down to me and after visiting Ikea a few months ago, I thought I "needed new bookshelves." I was nearly about to drop $100+ on some [ridiculous, I know]. Instead, I redid them and couldn't be more happy! Now these babies will last me (hopefully) awhile!

I love upcycling!
I have a few more diy projects on my list, so as long as I can get through these next few weeks of school, maybe I can actually implement them.

Do you have any upcoming home improvement type diy projects?