making a statement

I never intended to make this a "fashion" blog of any sort, but every now and then an outfit post will suffice, especially when it showcases some little goodies I've gotten from giveaways! Maybe I'll start doing more? What do you think?

Again, I feel so silly when I pose with the self-timer. Sorry for my awkward poses...and moments of my camera not focusing. Maybe I should have a post of all the not-so-great camera moments...Never mind, that's too embarrassing. Anyway! On to better things!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Lo, the blogger at Little Somethings by Little Lo Hood and etsy owner of Printed Peaks! Thanks to her and Gentri for hosting such a lovely giveaway, I won this perfect necklace that if I daresay, makes a statement. A great one at that! Love it, love it love it. Another shout out belongs to Amanda, the blogger behind! She hosted a BB Dokota tank giveaway a few weeks ago and I was super lucky to snag this wonderful black tank! It's so comfortable and definitely my style. Thank you both, you ROCK!

The knitted sweater in this photo was bought when I was 16! Can you believe it? It's from a little shop in Arcata, CA (which Boone reminds me of and pretty much why I chose to go to App). I wish I remembered the name of the store because I remember loving it. Hopefully California and I will reunite within the next year [I have some plans in mind ;)].

Wow, I've posted two days in a row. I'm getting a little better keeping up with this blog! I guess it's pretty obvious that school is calming down a little bit...if only for a moment.

Okay, my roommate and I are going to finish The Hills series tonight. BYE!