a letter for November

[ This photo was taken four years ago, right outside my dorm freshman year with my point and shoot camera. I can't believe it's already been four years! Probably one of my favorite photos.]

Dear November,

You are the month that always likes to sneak up on me. I get so preoccupied in the month of October that I almost always forget about you, which is sad because you are a great month - especially this year. I always love when you come around because I get to wear all my favorite coats, which you know I'm obsessed with, and you always make sure I spend time with my family. You are always filled with sales, beautiful drives down the mountain and scarves. This year you have made school a huge priority, but I think it's because you know I'm ready to tackle it! These next two weeks will be pretty hectic and filled with more planning, writing, studying and late nights than ever before, but you know I can handle it :) After that you will reward me with a whooping ten days at home. See, you truly know how to be a great friend.

Stereotypically you are known as the month of giving and giving thanks, but even though you make me realize I need to thank the people around me and the opportunities that have been given to me, I never really get to thank you. So thank you November. You are one of the sweetest months because you always put things in perspective.

As far as the blog goes, look out for some great posts in November. I'm hoping once things settle down a little in the academic world, I will be able to devote a little more time to my blog because I've got some great things in store to share with everyone. Just sit tight. Hopefully November will stay a little longer than usual :]