an award or two

Who has the best blogging friends in the world?
I think I do!
Okay, okay. That may have been a little biased.

I truly can't believe how many amazing people I've met through blogs. Those of you who are less excited about the internet and sharing personal information publicly probably wouldn't understand how you could "trust" or find "friendships" through blogging, but I'd beg to differ! Anyway, the point of that was to segway into these two awards that two of my sweet blogging friends (and one of them I actually know - in real life - haha) awarded me! I'm a little late with replying to these but hopefully you'll forgive me :]

Angela from Simply Simple Me was such a sweetheart for extending the "The Kreativ Blogger Award" to me! We're both participating in the Package Pal project hosted by Gentri and if my memory doesn't fail me, I think that's how we met! Can't wait to get to know her a bit better :) We both have a love for food, wine and blogging!

Rules of the award: To share seven things about yourself and award seven more bloggers this award. Be sure to let them know you awarded them so they can pass it on! [Hope I don't bore you with too many random things about me haha]

Seven Things
1. Favorite color: Mustard Yellow
2. I'm a public relations major and love it!
3. I'm "organized chaos."
4. I may or may not have four jobs.
5. I graduate in May [Eeeeek!]
6. I'm going to Thailand on May 20.
7. I am desperately trying to grow out my hair. It has been/will be a long process.

Now to pass on the award to: Danielle, Katia, Isabel, Lauren, Caroline, Sarah and Laura.

These ladies rock and are inspiring. Check out their lovely blogs!

Emily from Life of Emily! has graciously given me the Versatile Blogger award [a month ago] and now I get to share it with other bloggers! Thanks Emily for awarding me this :] You rock as a fellow Her Campus App State member & blogger.

Rules of the award: Just like the Kreativ Blogger Award, you must share seven things about yourself and award seven other lovely bloggers to pass it around! Let your bloggers know you awarded them!

[Another] Seven Things
1. I don't go anywhere without my planner + moleskine.
2. I am constantly making to-do lists.
3. I collect vinyl.
4. My home is made of wood paneling.
5. I am in the process of working on my Flickr account for my photography.
6. I only like to use certain kinds of pens.
7. I don't like colored pencils.

Passing along this award to: Rachel, Ashley, Renee Redd, Lena, Meghan, Beth and Danelle B.

Thanks again to Angela + Emily. Check out their blogs and all the other wonderful bloggers.