An aDORAble Halloween!

The Halloween costume is revealed! Ta-da! Introducing Dora the Explorer! At first I was going to be Kourtney Kardashian so I could have a reason to wear "classy" clothing and red lipstick, but since I decided to work this weekend, I needed something family friendly, comfortable and inexpensive. The orange shorts and pink shirt was bought at Goodwill, pink socks at Wal-Mart and the backpack was purchased in Charleston this past summer [thanks to my Aunt!]. I just added eyes and a mouth :) All the kids kept saying "Where's map?!" and I had to tell them he was too tired and stayed at home (even though honestly I was too lazy to make one haha)

Enjoy the pictures!
Hope everyone had a wonderfully safe Halloween. Can't wait to see pictures of everyone's holiday.

What has been your favorite Halloween costume?

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