Vegan meal + game night

Some of my friends & I love home cooked meals & game nights.
So why not have both in one night?

Last time we cooked butternut squash lasagna & played "Bang." This time we cooked scalloped potatoes and eggplant bacon using this recipe (which happens to be vegan) and played Apples to Apples! My goal this month was to not eat meat...and that's why my good friend Melissa has been introducing me to yummy vegetarian & vegan options. [Sidenote: She's a vegetarian!] Even after I start eating meat again, she's probably the best person to cook with vegetarian meals with because she's great at it. ;) We're going to accomplish baking next time, VEGAN baking. Aren't Melissa's the best ;)

Here's a glimpse into our fun-filled evening last Sunday!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend!
Rumors (and say it may snow here in Boone tomorrow.
I don't think I'm quite ready.

Just a heads up, I have a ton of ideas for future posts and plans for this blog. I'm hoping I can implement them and squeeze it all in with the limited 24 hours per day!

Thank you to everyone who reads this little blog.
Seriously though. I've already made some great friends and connections.
Hopefully we can all meet one day :]